Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I save on average by using your services?
It can vary significantly. If you only want to buy an inexpensive item, our service fee and the shipping cost might not make this purchase a great deal (unless of course the item is not available in your country, in which case it is always a great deal). Usually the more items you buy or the more expensive the items you buy the more you can save; that's even more so the so case since our service fee stays the same if your purchases amount to $100 or $400. It's similar for shipping cost. Let's say for example that it cost $30 to ship to you 2 MP3 players. It would likely only cost $15 more to ship 8 MP3 players. This is why you can save a lot more by ordering in large quantities. Ask your family and friends if they have any needs for our services also!

Are goods really cheaper in the U.S.A.?
It depends where you live. In most cases American branded products like clothes, electronics or music and movies will be cheaper in the U.S. This has been even more so the case since the U.S. dollar has been so low in comparison to many other currencies like the Euro, the Pound, the Yen... Why don't you visit our
links page to browse a few stores and see for yourself.

I bought some clothing through you but I picked the wrong size. what can I do?
Unfortunately, because shipping costs would be too expensive for our customers (cost of shipping the item from you to us, from us to the store, from the store to us and from us back to you!) we usually would not go through a product exchange for inexpensive items such as clothing. Exceptions have been made for expensive jewelry or luxury bags. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. For shoes or clothes, if the brand is available in your country, try out some other styles to get an idea of the size that will best fit you.

Will electronic products bought through you be covered by the manufacturer's warranty back in my country?
As long as the manufacturers does business in your country, they will usually honor the warranty if you simply register the product, usually online. Please check with the manufacturer of the product you are looking to purchase to confirm and receive more information.

Your service fee is 10% of the total cost of goods + shipping with a minimum of$50. What if I want 5 items from 5 different stores? Do I need to pay the $50 fee for each store I would like to order items from?
No, you can make purchases through us at several stores and still only pay only $50 (or 10% of the total, whichever is higher).

If I decide to order several items from several stores, will you group all the items in one order so I can save on shipping costs?
Absolutely. We always look for ways to lower shipping costs. We will wait for all your items to arrive to our offices before shipping them in one package.

Can I make purchases from stores that are not part of your list of links?
Absolutely. You can buy from any store or merchant in the U.S. The link are only available to get you started on your shopping.

What is "sales tax" and why I am being charged for it?
Just like most countries charge a value added tax (or V.A.T.), the U.S. charges a sales tax. The difference is that this tax is not included in prices
you see on the internet or even in stores. It is added at the time of payment. Sales tax varies between 6% and over 9% based on what state you and the store you are buying from are located. We are based in Connecticut and in most cases, the sales tax you will be charged is 6%. BUT be aware that some online stores use some legal loopholes to not charge any sales tax (a 6% saving!). is one of them.

Are you including customs duties and taxes in your estimate?
Our estimates include sales tax, shipping costs and insurance. There may be additional duties and taxes charged by customs in your country. In that case, these charges will be your responsibility. Check with your local custom office for more information.

Do you include insurance when you ship the items to your customers?
Yes. Because we want our customers to be protected and because insurance costs are relatively low, we include insurance costs in our shipping estimates. Cost is usually minimal and is approximately $0.70 per $100 in value with a minimum of $2.75. While we strongly advise against it, you do have the option to decline insurance. Just let us know and we will deduct it from our estimates.