Who we are

We have been helping customers from all over the world get their hands on products from the United States for close to 10 years now.

Back in January 2000, we started operating through Ebay. If you look us up on Ebay.com under the username AllAmericanBasics, you will notice that our customer satisfaction rating is a perfect score of 100%. That is because providing our customers with the best possible service has always been our main focus.

Ebay allowed us to meet new customers but it was only the beginning. Very quickly, repeat customers would come straight to us without going through the auction site to ask us if we could find specific items for them beyond what we had listed on Ebay. That is when we started scouring the internet and actual stores to find exactly what our customers wanted. Word of mouth allowed us to rapidly expand over the years.

10 years and hundreds of orders later, our goal has not changed: providing our customer all around the world any goods and products that they would be able to buy in the United States. Today, we operate almost exclusively through our website, which has allowed us to be more efficient and quicker in answering our customers' inquiries and filling orders. Based on your feedback, we have recently added a French version to our site. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We would love to hear from you!

Why use our services?

Here are some of the reasons why you will want to use our services.

1. You can save a lot of money!
Because the U.S. Dollar has been so low in comparison to other currencies like the Euro or the British Pound in the last few years, you can save a lot of money by buying products through us, even after you factor in our service fee and the shipping costs. Will you save money by buying only one pair of jeans? Probably not. Remember that because our service fee and shipping costs (on average) do not increase very much whether you buy 3 items or 8, you will start to see big savings as you purchase multiple and/or expensive items.

2. You can order products months before they are available in your country or that might never become available there at all.
Very often Blu-Ray discs of movies and TV shows, electronics or video games are available in the U.S. months before other countries. Why not getting them before everyone else? As for fashion, there are so many great brands that are not available outside the U.S. And, if they are available at all, chances are that their selection outside of the U.S. is much more limited.

3. There are no hidden fees.
Some other sites might show a smaller initial price than ours for using their services but will then add extra costs like a 2% fee for payments through Paypal. Some sites even inflate shipping costs to increase their commission. At All American Basics, we are completely transparent about
your cost. We will even break it down in detail when we send you your invoice. As for the shipping costs, we even give you direct links to the carrier websites so you can see for yourself.

4. It's safe
We have been doing this nearly 10 years. Check out our 100% feedback on Ebay under our site name. Also, your payment information is safe when you go through us. While some sites process their customers' payments themselves, requiring you to provide important banking information, we chose to work only with Paypal. That way, you never have to communicate to us this information. Paypal is one of the easiest way to pay on the internet and it's available in most countries all around the world. Also, Paypal tracks all the details of your transactions (payments dates, amounts, buyer and seller, etc..). This provides our customers with additional peace of mind with all of their purchases.

5. We do it all for you.
Some forwarding service website want to set you up with a U.S. Postal box or a U.S. address. Sounds complicated? We think so too. And they even charge an ongoing monthly fee for the service! At All American Basics, we make it much easier for you. You order; we send you the bill; you pay it; we buy the items; we ship the items upon receipt!. Done. No registration, no monthly commitment, no hassle, no surprises!