Take advantage of the low U.S. dollar
Get the latest U.S. fashion at low prices
Buy items and brands that are not available in your country
Get DVDs or Blu-Ray discs of the latest movies and TV shows

How it works

Re-expedition Service
Go to the various online stores you want to buy from and list all items you want.
Click on "Order now" on our website and fill out the order form with all the items in detail.
Within 24 hours we will send you a Paypal invoice of your total cost by email.
Once you pay the invoice, we will order the items for you.
When the items arrive at our offices, we will verify the content, group them and ship them to you.

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Personal Shopper Service
If you do not want to waste time online looking for an item or
the item is not available online but only in stores (Hermes bags, iPhone, furniture, etc...).
Click on "Order now" on our website.
Fill out the form with as much information about the item as you can.
We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss cost and next steps.

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All our debit and credit card transactions are processed through Paypal. It is one of the most trusted and safest way to make payments on the internet. With Paypal, you can easily pay using any credit or debit card anywhere in the world.